MultiJet NxT IQF Freezer

MultiJet NxT IQF Freezer

FREEZING LINE - MultiJet NxT IQF Freezer
Key Specification

40% Reduction in power consumption
Improve freezing time by 17%
Quick freezing for variety of products
Energy efficient blower modules
Effective airflow management for double impingement


CFTECH MultiJet NxT IQF Freezer is an innovative IQF-upgraded product designed to change the freezing process for a variety of products. MultiJet NxT provides outstanding efficiency and performance because of its advanced functions and modern technology. By adopting innovative technologies, we have significantly enhanced efficiency, resulting in lower power consumption. Our advanced freezing technology and optimized airflow management contribute to this impressive enhancement, allowing for increased productivity. With quick freezing capabilities, it's designed to accommodate a wide range of products.

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