CF Tech Cooking Line Cooker


Key Specification

Excellent product texture and appearance
Up to 8% higher yield
Decrease energy costs by 25% to 85%
Automatic hood lifting mechanism for easy clean
Meets rigorous food safety and sanitary design standards
Uniform, Consistent and predictable product temperature
Cookers are easily configurable to meet specific customer needs

CF Tech Cooking Line Cooker

The cooker uses a forced convention method and the process consist of a low temperature mixture of air steam and condensate water which is constantly circulated inside the chamber and distributes heat uniformly and efficiently. The products are cooked, blanched or pasteurized consistently using less steam than traditional methods, and helps in maintaining the high quality of the products.

The unique design as well as the PID controlled motorized steam valves and VFD controlled blowers ensures that the cooking yield is always kept at a maximum and gives an energy savings better than any other cooking method in the market. The Steam Cooker is manufactured entirely in stainless steel and non- corrosive materials for providing the best possible conditions for quality processing. The twin layer insulated outer body gives very little heat loss to the surroundings.

Quality Control System

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Highly Professional Staff

Accurate Testing Processes