WASHING SYSTEM - Clean-In-Place System or CIP System
Key Specification

Minimizes Mistakes: Automating cleaning reduces the chance of human error that can contribute to an unsafe product.

Keeps Employees Safe: Reduces chemical exposure by containing cleaning solutions within the system.

More Production Time: As less production time is lost to cleaning, more time is spent making product.

Product Quality: Reliable and repeatable cleaning means sustainable product quality and consistency. Less contamination means fewer product recalls and higher brand confidence.

Utility Savings: Water and energy usage is reduced through repeatable cycle control.


CFTECH CIP systems are reliable automated systems which cleans the sanitary process lines, processing vessels, tanks, freezers and other equipment’s which are commonly used in the process plants. It offers a thorough and repeatable in place cleaning which is critical to the quality of your product and the safety of consumers.

The heart of the CIP system is the CIP skid which supplies all cleaning circuits with the necessary flow, temperature and conductivity for the correct amount of time through automated control. CIP skids have vital components which consists of one or more tanks, a pump, flow meter, heat exchanger, temperature transmitter, conductivity meter and associated valves and piping. The CIP systems are constructed as modular systems as they drastically reduce installation and startup time which results in less exposure to fabrication process and less plant downtime. It is more superior than manual cleaning, as all the parameters required for cleaning would be met and if it is not met would provide a warning to show which areas are not up to the standard. The CIP systems are consistent and have additional features such as data tracking and recording which are increasingly important as per Food Safety Modernization Act.

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