CF Tech Double Belt Impingement Freezer

Double Belt Impingement Freezer

FREEZING LINE - Double Belt Impingement Freezer
Key Specification

Worlds only machine with a fully automated lifting mechanism.
Best product appearance.
Live conveyor washing system.
Less freezing time.
Improve yield.
Eliminate downtime.
Less power consumption.
Suitable for all types of products.


The CF TECH Double belt impingement freezer is capable of processing all types of products. It operates with the very effective and fast principle of impingement airflow. This is based on the intelligent airflow made by CF TECH and freezes the products with rapid speed. The air is directed from a pressure chamber through small nozzle outlets on the top and bottom of the product. CF TECH provides freezers which are easily adaptable, efficient, accessible and easy to maintain. There are various freezers available as per the requirement of the client.

Quality Control System

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Highly Professional Staff

Accurate Testing Processes