CF Tech Rain Water Shower

Rain Water Shower

COOLING LINE - Rain Water Shower
Key Specification

Improves yield.
Energy savings of 25% to 75%. Compared to ice methods or traditional water chilling.
Improves product quality and consistency.
Integrated controls.


Designed for use with the CFTECH series of Cookers and Blanchers. After cooking or steaming, the product is immediately fed into the CFTech’s Rain shower cooler where chilled-water gently falls evenly over the product through the rain shower system. The system is designed for the product to achieve core temperature of 5°C or less.

The modular design of CFTECH Rain water shower makes it customizable to customers specific needs. Machine operation is based on thermodynamic principles.The upper-level sensor is placed to control the solenoid valve which provides the water into the tanks thus avoiding overflow and the lower-level sensor provided for the safety of the pumps placed to avoid dry run if water inside is insufficient.

Quality Control System

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