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CFTech is a professionally managed Indian based company having more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing & service field. CFTech was formed in the year 2016 as a full grade food processing solutions manufacturers having successfully completed numerous projects till date.CFTech is established and run by a dedicated team , with proven technological competence and are specialized in the manufacturing of Marine Food Processing Equipments. We have an entire solution for food processing. Most of the integrated system parts are imported from Denmark, Germany & USA (Evaporators, Blower, Conveyor & Control Systems).CFTech machineries are fully automated with IPC / PLC / MOV / VFD & SCADA controlled devices. We have highly sophisticated technology for food processing with user friendly & simplified operations,which helps to achieve maximum performance of the machineries, yield, quality , texture & appearance of the product. Customer communication is our top most priority to clearly understanding customer requirements. Customer requirements are clearly recorded as specified and reviewed, prior to taking up the design activity and suitable CFTech machineries are selected respectively. Leadership qualities are encouraged & propagated through out the company, at all appropriate levels, giving adequate freedom to enable and discharge responsibilities with full commitment & complete dedication based on the excellent feedback given by our customers regarding performance of our machineries and the service support.

About The Products

The Cooker

The Cftech cooker is specially designed to achieve the maximum yield and aid very low steam consumption. The steam pressure and temperature are controlled by MOVs with PID control schemes , it is the self-optimized technology which is useful for maintaining the accurate temperature inside the cabin , If the setting temperature falls, the conveyor speed is auto-adjusted by percentage and an alarm is triggered which avoids the possibilities of under cooking .The temperature tolerance of MOV is 0.2 decimal and the cooker blowers are specially designed for controlling the cabin pressure and clear path and duct has been provided inside the cabin for free flow steam passage which is useful to keep maintaining the particular cabin pressure and temperature at each and every corner which confirms the even cooking of products.


The CFTech IQF is specially designed using Artic flow with bottom impingement technology or full impingement technology. It reduces the total running cost and assist maximum running hours. The machine is fully automated with Siemens' PLC and HMI and is self-optimized to maintain its cabin temperature. If by any reason temperature rise above the set value the conveyor speed is reduced by percentage and an alarm is triggered which avoids non freezing of products. The machine is embedded with Thermofin made evaporator coils imported from Germany , mounted and isolated inside DC panels imported from Denmark , the conveyors being Intralox, USA or Scan belt, Denmark and Costacurta, Italy.The total unique design of our IQF makes sure to maintain the Quality and appearance of the processed products.


Completed Projects

  • Marble valley food - Kanyakumari(500kg/h Cooking/cooling/freezing/double glaze/hardening line)
  • Gadre Marine - Ratnagiri(500kg/h Cooking/cooling/freezing/double glaze/hardening line)
  • Sanchita Marine - Mumbai(750kg/h Multijet IMP IQF with double glaze/ Hardening line)
  • Haldiram - Nagpur(Side drive spiral with L&C Conveyor)
  • Nas Fisheries - Cochin(750kg/h Cooking/cooling line)
  • KR sea foods - Veraval(Shredding Machine)
  • SA Exports - Kolkata(Dip glazer/Hardener)
  • Geo seafoods - Cochin(Upgraded 250kg/h IQF line to 500kg/h)
  • AM Fisheries - Ambalapuzha(Cooking Line)
  • Deepmala Fisheries - Veraval(750kg/h IMP IQF/Single glaze/Harderning line)
  • Gadre Marine - Ratnagiri(Cooking cooling Freezing Line 500kg/h)
  • Asha Ganga - Veraval(IQF IMP 750kg/h Single glaze/Harderning line)
  • Gadre Marine - Ratnagiri(Cooking Line)
  • Atlas Fisheries - Goa(Cooking Cooling Line)
  • Growel - Singarayapalem(De-panning Solutions)
  • Raunaq Group of Companies - Mangrol(Dynamic grader for Cephalopods)
  • Shimpo Exports - Kolkata(250kg/h Tripple belt IQF Freezing/Single glaze/Hardening line)
  • Gadre Marine - Ratnagiri(500kg/h Cooling Line)
  • Gadre Marine - Ratnagiri(Peeling Section)
  • RF Exports - Chandiroor(IQF Structure Modification)
  • Gadre Marine - Ratnagiri(Cooking cooling Freezing Line)

Our Services

Automated Systems

Automated Systems solutions to your most challenging material handling needs.

Services & Support

We offer complete service and support to keep your system in good operating condition. Our differentiated service packages aim at keeping your equipment running as profitable as long as possible and with a minimum downtime. Our support includes

  • Component repairs and replacement parts
  • Service, Remote support and AMC

For service inquiries, related to, Cooker, Freezers, Conyers please email lijo.david@cftech.in, cftaccounts@cftech.in

our products

Years Of Experience In Cooling And Temperature Systems And Technology


IQF Freezers

The CFTech IQF is specially designed using Artic flow with bottom impingement technology or full impingement technology.

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The Cftech cooker is specially designed to achieve the maximum yield and aid very low steam consumption

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In-Line Applications

CFTech provides several types of conveyors such as Spiral conveyors , C-conveyors , inclined conveyors etc.

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CFTech Machineries

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