In-line Applications

Cftech offers several types of conveyors and standalone equipments for processing which are specially designed for non-spillage and is capable of automatic self-washing capabilities. It reduces the man power requirement and improves the washing quality.


The Inspection Conveyor is manufactured in stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials. The Conveyor comes with a hygienic design and easy to clean features.The unit is equipped with speed control to match the line speed required. The conveyor will deliver the products precise and gently onto the next step of the production line.

Feeding Hopper

The Feeding Hopper is designed for efficient, gentle and evenly distribution of products prior to further processing or line distribution. The Hopper is fully manufactured in stainless steel and non-corrosive materials. Designed especially for small products which needs careful handling. The paddle system ensures separation of ice and distributes the products.

Water Chiller

The Skid mounted Instant Water Chiller unit is designed to instantly cool down Water temperatures. Fully executed in Stainless Steel and noncorrosive materials, the Falling film evaporator is enclosed in a housing with detachable double layer transparent carbonate plates for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The unit is mounted directly on top of the insulated buffer tank.

Rain Water Cooler

The Water Shower Cooler is designed to quickly remove heat from the products. The constant flow of chilled water at max 2 ÂșC or lower will ensure a rapid cooling of the products. This method is the most efficient way of removing heat with water. Also the system has a relatively small total amount of water, making this way of cooling more economical to use.